AltaClub co-investment
A global club of investors in Tech startups together with Altair Capital led by Igor Ryabenkiy
total earned by members on exits
$125+ mln
$545+ mln
total asset valuation
portfolio startups
Why us?
Proven efficiency
AltaClub is the professional club for investing in global IT startups. Club members have concluded over 60 exits, earning double- and triple-digit returns on their investments
Altair Capital itself invests
in all the startups
All projects offered by the club for investment are startups in which Altair Capital itself invests, i.e. portfolio companies. Moreover, both the club’s and fund’s top management are often personally financially involved in the deals
Regular exits with high returns
The club often makes offers to members to buy out their stakes. AltaClub members have been early investors in unicorns such as Miro, Deel, OpenWeb and Turing
The best of the best startups
from around the world
Every year Altair Capital reviews more than 5,000 startup — portfolios of leading venture funds from Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel, YCombinator and 500 Startups alumni

For whom?

Minimum startup portfolio
for venture capital deals —
$ 200,000
Business owners top executives of corporations
Family wealth managers
Don’t waste your time on non-core activities: we select and evaluate ambitious startups, provide legal clarity and form the portfolio through AltaСlub Ltd, a permanent legal entity directly involved in startup capital
Diversify your capital with alternative investments: assemble a portfolio of 10−15 startups to minimize risks

Successful investments

Turing is a service for hiring and managing pre-vetted remote engineers in the cloud
Miro is an online collaboration and whiteboarding platform for teams and orgaizations of all sizes
Deel helps you manage and pay all your remote contractors
Build technologies to host quality conversations online, connecting brands with audiences
Lili is a business finance platform designed for small businesses
Interactive transcription and captioning software generating detailed speech-to-text files
Sunbit is a buy now, pay later technology of local service providers and retailers
All-in-one corporate spend and expense management platform for businesses in global markets

Who we are

Stepan has a 8+ years of experience in digital marketing, banking and venture capital market.
He was leading sales department in an international EdTech startup and acts as a co-founder in several business projects. Stepan holds a diploma of Free University of Berlin and Master’s degree in International Economics.
Business Development Manager of AltaClub
Founder of Altair Capital and AltaClub
One of the most respected venture capitalists globally: Mr Ryabenkiy began investing in startups more than 20 years ago and has worked his way up from business angel to founding one of the largest venture capital firms. Altair Capital has $ 600M under its management, and the portfolio includes 300+ companies, five of which are unicorns. He has a PhD in Business Administration, and is author of the book Adventure in Venture Market
CEO and managing partner of AltaClub
Mr Zolochevsky has experience in top positions in the telecom sector. From 2011 to 2016 he was general director of MTS Ukraine/Vodafone UA; before that he headed MTS-NorthWest. He has an MBA from the Business School Open University (UK)

Member testimonials

Is the Fund capable of making a mistake? Absolutely. But I trust its expertise. Moreover, AltaClub has another important advantage: as a member, I can invest in startups otherwise out of bounds
Eugeny Shneideris
Founder of Lexico Telecom
With more than 100 individuals and companies invested at different stages, AltaClub has leveraged different strategies and expectations to make it possible to increase the liquidity of investments. As a result, there is an opportunity to buy or sell investments within the community.
Denis Beloglazov
Venture capital investor
In addition to analyzing the data and relying on my intuition, AltaClub helps me to make the final investment decision.
Petr Baron
CEO TBI Financial Services
We’re often asked, ‘How do we invest with you?’ This question led to the club’s core idea: We bring together investors who cannot enter traditional funds due to high prices but want to invest in particular projects.
Founder and Managing Partner
And stay tuned
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