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In order to invest through AltaClub, you need to pass the two-stage qualification.

1. The first stage is the verification of contact information, after which you immediately get access to your personal account and a closed Telegram channel, where you can get acquainted with the investment ideas of the club. To do this, you will also need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Official documents requiring signatures of the parties will be issued using a digital signature through DocuSign © (no separate authorization is required in it) and sent to e-mail.

We ask you to pay attention to the points in the questionnaire concerning your investment preferences. Based on your answers, we will offer you the most suitable investment ideas.

2. The second stage is the verification of legal and tax information in accordance with international banking requirements, only after the completion of which you will be able to invest your funds. Copies of documents will be required. For its successful completion, our managers will contact you using your contact information