We invest into ambitious, achievement-oriented and challenging teams on their way to change the world. Together with AltaClub, you will have an opportunity to build a diversified VC portfolio of global startups, benefiting from AltaIR Capital’s long-standing expertise and upscale pipeline.

Comprehensive solution for smart home and IoT devices security

Reservable private EV charging network

Platform for car dealers for accurate used car appraisal

Brazil’s online-platform for choosing the best payroll-secured loan proposals

24/7 access to pediatricians and medical care for children

Online laundry and dry-cleaning service with quick delivery

Fintech service for real estate investments

Service for automated product listing and updating listings on the leading e-commerce platforms Ebay and Amazon

One-click payouts to remote contractors and tax calculation

Service for finding replacement doctors

Real-time photo challenges

Restaurant-brand food delivery at a fixed price

Personalized video news service

Telemedicine B2B platform for clinics

Service for participation in world’s popular jackpots

Wedding planning paltform

Ultra-thin chargers for laptops and smartphones

Virtual nurse for outpatient communication

Service for outdoor fitness classes

Wholesale agricultural trading platform for manufacturers, processors and retailers

App for choosing and further communication with doula (pregnancy and birth supporter)

Online whiteboard collaboration platform for teams

Diagnostics using menstrual blood

AI-powered ECG-based alternative to a personal trainer

Service for planning and booking trips

Next gen single-interface CRM system

Smart personal shopping assistant

Service with online application that helps small businesses see all available health insurance plans

Platform for creating social networks around digital media content

Mobile app for choosing, booking and paying for a barbershop visit

Photo and video service marketplace

Personalized solution for in-home hairstylist and makeup services

Platform for booking luxury hotel suites

Online Israel-based real estate sales platform


Platform for selecting rental housing for employees who relocate

Service for renting shared furnished accommodations

Comprehensive solution for funeral planning

Digital bank for creditworthy internationals who immigrated into the US with investor visas, employment-based visas and for persons with extraordinary abilities

Hub that helps manage online restaurant orders

Online subscription for premium clothing care products

Marketplace that links stock option sellers to investors

Service for search and selection of realtors

AI-powered search tool for doctors

App that helps avoid lines to get to popular bars, pre-order drinks or buy event tickets

Marketplace for finding target respondents for research and surveys

Marketplace for finding professional photographers

Service for fast house renting and getting a year’s prepayment

Cloud-based CRM and marketing management system for tax firms

Secure web browser with a new way to pay for content, allowing to block ads

Unified system for managing relations between tenants, property owners and management companies

AI-powered music generator

Manufacturer of drones for cleaning building facades, roofs, and glazing

Service for selecting the best electricity, water and gas supplier


Mobile banking for freelancers

Universal single-interface solution for fast deal closing synchronized with any CRM

Subscription-based skincare for men

Task management for boosting operation efficiency of global teams

Subscription-based fine wine tasting

SaaS system for managing unpaid invoices, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to improve debt collection

Blockchain-based global decentralized video-on-demand platform

Service for upgrading clinical operations with real-time AI

Small and medium business solution for employee benefit management

Service for managing and analyzing communications within a team

Platform that helps small business work with bank cards

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