I hereby grant my written consent voluntary, by my own free will and in my own interest, on processing my personal data (hereinafter referred to as PD) to AltaClub Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company, the Data Processor), located at: Craigmuir Chambers, Road Town, VG1110 Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
The PD processing shall include the following actions (operations) or the set of actions (operations) regarding the Personal Data processing with use of automated means or without such means: collection, recording, ordering, accumulation, storage, adjustment (updating or modifying), retrieval, utilization, transfer (dissemination, provision, access), de-personalization, blocking, removal, PD erasure.
The Personal Data processing shall aim to process incoming requests of individuals in order to provide advice; analytics of the actions of an individual on a website; conducting advertising and newsletters, customer due diligence, ensure the performance of obligations, powers and functions conferred upon the Company under the agreements and other transactions.

The Personal Data content: surname, first name, patronymic (if any); date (day, month, year) of birth; sex; citizenship; national identity document data /passport details (type, series and number, when and by what authority it was issued, expiry date); TIN; registration at place of residence; address of actual residence; contact information (telephone numbers, e-mail); data on previous employment and current job position; information on income and property status; photo images of the Subject; other personal data provided by the Subject in the questionnaires of the Company.

The Subject shall grant the consent to his/her PD transfer to third parties via the Internet information telecommunication network including the use of cross-border data transfers on the territory of foreign States that do not provide adequate protection for the rights of Personal Data Subjects.

The Subject may withdraw the Consent provided the written application has been sent to the Data Processor in due course.

The Consent is valid during the period for reaching the purposes of processing Subject’s Personal Data, including the retention period of the Subject's personal file.


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