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Spot.IM raising Series C round

Spot.IM is a disruptive social engagement platform, that aims to make it possible to turn any site into a social network with two lines of code


Spot.IM: helps Time Inc., News Corp. and other publishers to keep users on the site and make money on advertising

Spot.IM turns the comments section on the publishers' sites into internal social networks, while users stay in touch directly under the published material, and do not switch to Facebook.
Revenue from advertising grows along with the activity of online discussions and goes to publishers, not social networks. 


The product, in demand by top US publications

  • Spot.IM is omni-channel community platform (desktop and mobile) that turns a comments section into mini-social network inside the website and partnership sites of Spot.IM. Spot.IM is a multi-layered product focused on social content, helping media companies to reclaim their audience and monetize their sites. Monetization achieved by enabling advertisers to reach online audiences during their most active moments.
  • Spot.Im maintains partnerships with 70% of US premium publishers (350+ top US publishers).
    Customers: AdAge, TheDrive, theCHIVE, Shape, Huff Post, Time Inc., RY, Food & Wine, Ten, FOX Nation, Refinery29, Purch, USA Today Sports, Meredith,, News Corp, SheKnows, Decider, Radar, Engadget,, Ziff Davis,, etc.
  • The product is used on all 5 continents and translated into 16 languages.
    Spot.Im uses the accumulated database of comments on the site to turn them into an internal social network.
  • Functionality: automatic community migration, moderation, Open API, scalable architecture.
  • Partnerships with publishers on the revenue-sharing business model creates a win-win situation: publishers receive an engaged and loyal community; users perceive content together as a community, and Spot.IM generates revenue through a new advertising format.
  • The company works with 6300+ active sites, community involvement through the platform is more than 736 million unique users per month, and the monthly pageview has exceeded 3 billion.


  • Internet advertising market reached $196.7B (Desktop internet advertising $97.4B and Mobile - $99.3B).
  • In US 85 cents of every new dollar spent on digital advertising went to Google and Facebook in Q1-2016.


Nadav Shoval

Nadav Shoval

CEO and Co-founder
Nadav founded Spot.IM while in the Israeli Army, Spot.IM is Nadav’s 5th venture. Nadav founded several Internet companies and teenage web services and has been working on building start-ups since the age of 11.
Ishay Green

Ishay Green

CTO & R&D Manager
Ishay is the guiding superhero behind our development team, and top shelf entrepreneur who follows up two highly successful startups, Onigma acquired by McAfee in 2006, and Soluto acquired by Asurion for over $100 million dollars in 2013.
Roee Goldberg

Roee Goldberg

Strategy & Business Development Director
Dan Yalovsky

Dan Yalovsky

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