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Adjesty – we expect two-fold increase of valuation in 6 months

Adjesty is a B2B SaaS for advertising, protecting publishers from bad ads.


Adjesty – we expect two-fold increase of valuation in 6 months

Adjesty helps Mobile, Desktop and TV Publishers protect their web sites from unwanted ads. Adjesty’s patent-pending solution allows publishers to automatically select only those advertisements (delivered via open programmatic delivery chains) that fit their brand policies. Adjesty increases the income of publishers, helping them to fight the ad blocking by eliminating its root cause: improper and harmful advertising.

Customers are leading media trading platforms:




  • Adjesty is a technology-only, big data in cloud company which applies machine learning algorithms to categorize programmatic ad campaigns and digital inventories, helping the customers to create a better match between their inventories and their ads.
  • Adjesty integrates with digital Publishers and AdTech companies to protect them from junk traffic and unwanted ads, thus keeping digital inventories brand-safe and protected at all times.
  • Adjesty detects malware, viruses, auto-redirects, auto-downloads, scam, phishing and much more.
  • Adjesty cleans up programmatic media buying pipes - Mobile, Video and Display and ensures that only Clean AdsTM reach the consumers.
  • Key advantages: covers all types of advertising (video, native, mobile and display channels); machine Learning & proprietary algorithms (patent pending); best in class threats detection; first-in-line threats discovery; real time low latency responses; high scalability.


  • The digital ad spending worldwide reached $ 229B in 2017, and is expected to grow to $335B by 2020.
  • TAM estimation in 2020 is $335B. SAM (Serviceable Available Market) estimation is $95B, excluding 72% from global digital ad spending which related mostly to Social, Search and other text ads.
  • In 2017 programmatic display spending in US reached $33B with a 78% share of the total display ad spending or 47% of the total digital ad spending.
  • eMarketer predicts that by 2019 the US market will reach $46B with 84% share.
  • AdTech companies lose 15%-25% of their existing inventory every year because of ad fraud. Ad blocking to cost publishers $12B in lost revenue by 2020.




David Mail

David Mail

CEO & Co-Founder

David is an experienced startups executive involved in new media since 2007, former VP R&D of Inneractive (exit 2016), Cortica ($39M in funding) and BiScience ($10M in funding).

Roi Fainstein

Roi Fainstein

Chief Revenue Officer

Roi is a digital media business executive, with more than 12 years of experience in leading sales and business development initiatives.
In his previous role Roi has served as VP Performance, Direct Sales and Revenue Operations at Inneractive (now Fyber N.V) and has held senior business positions at Lycos / Ybrant Digital and at Globes, Israel’s leading business publication.

Lev Gloukhenki

Lev Gloukhenki

CTO & Co-founder

Lev is a seasoned R&D manager with over 20 years of building sophisticated software products. He has a proven record of delivering complex and quality projects on time.

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