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New funding round of Storyhunter: waiting for 4-fold company growth

Storyhunter is closing a new funding round while reaching 89% growth in gross profit.


StoryHunter reached rapid growth in sales volume and gross profit in the 3rd quarter – for 31% and 89% respectively

StoryHunter has created the world's largest network, connecting video professionals around the world with companies in need of their services. Cinematographers, journalists, producers, agencies, media companies, and well-known brands use the marketplace for establishing contacts, working together, managing film production and administering and settling accounts with freelancers in more than 180 countries. In the third quarter, a significant growth in turnover and gross profit was reached - by 31% and 89%, respectively. The company enters the break-even point and plans exponential growth in revenue.

Storyhunters are award-winning video professionals ready to go on assignment for you. They are passionate visual storytellers. They are filmmakers. They are editors, creative directors, video journalists, producers, sound recorders, animators. They tell authentic stories. They are on the ground and they never back down from a challenge. Storyhunters presents All-in-one Freelance Management Solution. The platform connects you instantly with the best specialists on the planet, also help you seamlessly manage your own network, projects, contracts, and payments in one place. 

Clients are premium publishers and major brands:

Product in high demand by top-media companies

  • The problem being solved: with 12 billion video views every day, brands and publishers must compete for attention on mobile screens, while making quality video regularly is expensive and difficult.
  • The platform connects publishers with the best specialists on the planet, helps them easily manage teams of freelancers, projects, work processes, contracts and payments via a single platform.
  • Video journalists, filmmakers are already at the scene and never fail to face difficulties.
  • StoryHunter helps video journalists distribute their content to premium publishers and provides them tools for workflow management.
  • 18k freelancers from 180+ countries and 150 Media companies/ brands are using the platform.


  • $33B per year is spent in US on video/film production.
  • By 2020, digital video production will be a $48B industry (E-marketer).
  • Total spend of 6000 companies (Fortune 5000’s, 500 Agencies, and 500 Leading Digital Media Companies) on original video production is $10B ($21B in 2020 is forecasted).
  • Outsourced payments to production co’s and freelancers for video and media production services are 33% (44% in 2020).


Jaron Gilinksy

Jaron Gilinksy

  • Entrepreneur ( Video journalism pioneer.
  • Former New York Times, Time Inc. and Current TV video journalist. 
  • Jaron Gilinsky Films, President
  • The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Adjunct Professor. Designed and taught practical and theoretical courses on journalism and documentary film. 
  • University of Florida, BA, International Relations
Eric Paternot

Eric Paternot

  • Led a platoon of 60 men in Swiss Army.
Alex Ragir

Alex Ragir

VP of Partnerships and Business Development
  • Former Economics and Politics Reporter in Brazil for Bloomberg News, Video Journalist for Associated Press and Current TVDocumentary Filmmaker for Grassroots Productions.
  • SABEW/OPC award recipient. 
  • Northwestern University, University of Miami.
Douglas Wehmeier

Douglas Wehmeier

VP of Engineering
  • Ex. Built his first mobile application for leading dating marketplace, managed seven teams and scaled platform.
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