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Bxblue Is the fast-growing marketplace for payroll-secured loans in Brazil. Backed by Y Combinator (Summer 2017)


A $40b market + Biggest Player + Disruptive idea =Bxblue

Bxblue is the star of the Brazilian $40 billion secured personal loans market for government workers and retirees. Loans that were taken out offline are now in one place, on one platform, with no middlemen, with valuable advantages for all. Banks earn more. Customers get better deals. Loyalty and returning clients are guaranteed.

Bxblue allows to compare and select loans in Brazil quickly and easily, with complete price transparency. The team is supported by Y Combinator (class of Summer 2017) and their aim is to help government workers and retirees find the best offers on the personal secured loans market. These clients have a continuous and guaranteed income which allows the banks to offer the best possible rates in Brazil.

How it was:  Most of these types of loans were taken out manually, through banks, their agents or brokers acting in their interest. This means higher rates for customers and lack of long term relationships for banks –which are important, as this means that they have access to all the loans a client would take out over their entire lifetime. Bank and client both lose. The market is not transparent. The best offers are hard to find.

Bxblue is disrupting this process. It is creating a platform where borrowers choose the bank and the best deal online, also allowing banks to form those important long term relationships with clients direct.

Bxblue wants to become the platform of choice for Brazilian borrowers, turning them into a loyal base, offering not just loans but refinancing options as well.

Bxblue recently had its first birthday in April. It has signed up 11 financial institutions. Now it's time to go after borrowers!


       The market of personal loans in Brazil reached $40B, growing 20% YoY.


       Commissions, up to 10% on each loan.

       Cross selling opportunities: insurance (home, travel, auto and health), travel agencies, investment funds, finance education


      Offline brokers and stores.


Gustavo Gorenstein

Gustavo Gorenstein

Guga co-founded, one of the leaders of online cashback in Brazil. Prior to Poup Guga has worked with The Coca-Cola Company, driving marker execution and securing Coke's market and value share leadership in the region through great relationship with franchisees around the Country.
Fabricio Buzeto, PhD

Fabricio Buzeto, PhD

Co-founder of the Unbiquitous research group, founder of two companies (Intacto and Qual Canal).
Roberto Braga

Roberto Braga

In 2010 Roberto founded IPe, a network security company. Roberto organized Startup Weekend events in Brazil since 2011, being one of the responsible for the expansion of the events in Brazil from ground to 300+ events.
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