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ServX is a multi-brand, multi-vehicle platform that provides a one-stop solution for car services and repairs across New Delhi. It covers every vehicle-related service including emergency pick-ups, doorstep repairs, regular maintenance, servicing, insurance, etc.


Founded in nov. 2015, ServX is a mobile app for auto repairs in India. ServX positions itself as the ‘uber for auto repair’. The client books a repair through the mobile app, a driver picks the car up, gets it fixed and drops it back to the client

There are over 28 million cars on India’s roads. Thanks to poor roads, crazy traffic, and erratic driving, a car will have to visit a garage multiple times in a year. In 2015 alone, there were 118,438 road accidents recorded.

This is the field ServX is playing in. The startup has a mobile app that helped close to 90,000 users get their cars repaired – over 150,000 repairs – last year.

After-sales car service and repairs market in India is unorganized and estimated $10-55B

ServX tied-up with authorized service centers offering them a stream of customers. And in return, got them to sweeten the deal for the customers with good quality service at a discounted price. The company has established a network of 500 service centers in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) around it. ServX charges them a commission of 20-25 percent if the service is cosmetic – like a car wash – and 10-15 percent for regular maintenance and repair.

ServX started with Delhi-NCR because of the sheer volume of cars in the city. 

The startup has built a supply chain for spare parts and is currently testing it out across its network of garages. ServX is planning to move into the two-wheeler repairs space as well.


Akansh Sinha

Akansh Sinha

Founder & CEO
Anubhav Deep

Anubhav Deep

Founder & COO
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