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REZI is a leasing technology company that pays landlords upfront and at a discount for their lease, in exchange for the right to rent their property at market rate for a profit


REZI’s Mission

Simplify the real-estate rental process for landlords

How it Works

REZI captures the spread between the price they pay the landlord for the lease and the price the tenant pays to rent the property. REZI then splits that profit amount (either via a saleor financing) with the credit investor whose capital is used to pay the landlord for the space

REZI’s Solution

REZI offers landlords a simple, but compelling solution: an instant tenant.  

REZI will rent any rental property in the operating markets within 48 hours and pay the landlord all of the rent up front. Landlords who use REZI don’t need to learn a new process, or wait for a solution. They don’t need to spend exhausting amounts of time and resources looking for a tenant. 

They can simply rent their property to REZIcollect their rent for one year upfront, and then move on to the business of living their lives

The Opportunity

Residential leases are one of the largest asset classes untapped by financial technology.

US Rental Real Estate Market:

  • 44M Rental households
  • $450B Rent collected per year
  • 72% Non-institutional owners

Launch Cities:

  • San Francisco, CA and New York, NY
  • Dense housing and tight housing supply reduces risk in these cities

Future target cities: REZI will target major metropolitan areas.

Why landlords love REZI

  • REZI pays one-year’s rent up front
  • REZI eliminate the need to search for a tenant
  • REZI have a proven tenant verification process
  • REZI simplifies the paperwork
  • REZI does away with credit risks and vacancy problem
  • REZI focuses on long-term leases, not short-term leases
  • REZI is flexible – landlords can convert to a regular lease or renew the REZI upfront payment


Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell

Cofounder, CEO
Formerly oversaw $300mm credit portfolio at a $5bn hedge fund.
Keenan D. Williams

Keenan D. Williams

Cofounder, Head Of Sales
Former AVP of Commercial Real-Estate Group at Ten-X (formerly
Harsh Yadav

Harsh Yadav

Cofounder CTO
Former VP of Engineering at Torrential, Inc.
Seva Levitski

Seva Levitski

Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Former Chief Risk Officer at KGS-Alpha
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YC Demo Day Launch

Technology is finally changing the apartment rental experience