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I-Dripper is producing a new and groundbreaking irrigation system. That understand the plant needs and irrigate each plant on demand.


I-Dripper sensor is placed in the ground near the roots of the plant,

It detects dehydration of the soil and activates a single dripper until the ground is hydrated

In the exact amount that the plant requires.

I-dripper patent pending technology

Saves up to 50% Water and fertilizers and Increases yield of the plant by 20%.

"I-Drriper revolutionary technology will change irrigation as we know it like the Dripper had 60 years ago."


Mor Yegerman

Mor Yegerman

Two decades of experience in managing high-tech companies. Currently the GM of Mail.Ru M&A - the largest internet company in Russia, Board member of Magisto, previously ICQ COO and VP R&D.
Arik Shitrit

Arik Shitrit

A software engineer with 15 years of experience in software engineering, a maker in his soul, experienced in building sophisticated machines and facing technological challenges.
Gal Ashkenazi

Gal Ashkenazi

VP Product
Over the last 20 Years, Gal engineered hundreds of projects from all areas: Cleantech, High Tech, R&D. Specialized in agriculture research in the Arava desert, Designing tools and Sensors for Southern Arava R&D center.
Shai Garty, PhD

Shai Garty, PhD

Multi-disciplinary highly skilled scientist, in the fields of Biomedical Polymers and polymer engineering. With two decades of novel technology development in several research Projects of biomedical companies and the plastic industry.
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