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One stop wedding planner software


Weddings can often seem to lead to temporary insanity. Joy is building a tool to help couples plan everything that takes place in-between the engagement and the honeymoon. The company’s marital software suite has seen some major growth over the past several months with about 150 happy couples joining the service daily to manage their RSVPs, track guests and keep everything organized. Joy is now looking to break into the $14 billion wedding registry market where they see even more potential to earn healthy commissions. Joy could disrupt the crooked deals where wedding planners book vendors who give them a bigger cut rather than giving the bride and groom the best price. (Source:

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Michael Dorian Bach

Michael Dorian Bach

Co-Founder & Design





Vishal Joshi

Vishal Joshi

Co-Founder & CEO
Kaiwalya Kher

Kaiwalya Kher

Co-Founder & CTO