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Amazingly Simple Design Platform for everything eCommerce


Creating a professional eCommerce designs requires skills, time and money that most people lack. CrazyLister is an amazingly simple platform for all your eCommerce design needs. Starting with eBay product pages, as we continue to grow we will expand into - Facebook posts, banners, flyers, newsletters, posters and more.


Victor Levitin

Victor Levitin

CEO & Co-founder
* Served in the Israeli special forces * Completed a BA in Law and Economics * Co-founded and took his first company from zero to 4.5 Million dollars in annual sales * Won eBay awards for highest conversion rates * World class expert in eCommrce (8 years in the field)
Maxim Godin

Maxim Godin

VP Biz Dev & Co-founder
* Served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Army including a year in the fighter pilot's training * Completed a BA in Economics and afterwards an MBA from the Israeli institute of Technology * Co-founded and took his first company from zero to 4.5 Million dollars in annual sales * Won eBay awards for highest conversion rates * World class expert in eCommrce (8 years in the field)
Or Poran

Or Poran

* enrolled for a degree in computer science and mathematics at the age of 14, finishing with honors. * spent the last 16 years working on every possible technology at Intel and IBM, performing various roles from coding to leading teams. * Full stack engineer
Semion Levin

Semion Levin

UX/UI expert
* UX Designer * B.ed.des, Graphic Design, Wizo * Spent 4 years at Intel as UX designer * Worked for the top UX firm in Israel (Uniqui)
Professor Gregory Levitin

Professor Gregory Levitin

world class optimization expert
* Lecturer at The Technion * Helped the national electric company save millions by implementing optimization algorithms he developed * Senior Expert, Reliability & Equipment Department. R&D Division, The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. * Distinguished Visiting Professor at University of electronic science and Technology of China
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Crazylister - Startupbootcamp E-commerce Demo Day 2015

Link to movie.

News to 17/01/2016

Registered users - 23,368 

Paying - 647

MRR - $14,000

Attached - upgrading users graph.

Starting 2016 we increased the upgrades from 3 upgrade/day to 6 (without adding more traffic).

This was achieved by asking users to connect their eBay accounts, and us being able to count how many listings they created with us. This is still relatively easy to go around if you don't want to pay us.

Using the data that we collected from users we are now working on 2 features that should more than double us again - 

1. On-boarding Wizard that will create the WOW moment in less than a minute (compared to 30 minutes today).

2. Full integration with eBay - that will dramatically improve retention, ease of use and our ability to force users to pay.

Besides that investors should also know:

1. We have a new "STAR": Evgeny Boxer, previously leading engineer at WIX, he's building our mobile responsive module. (worked on it at WIX).

2. Everything we achieved so far was with $0 invested on marketing. (We are launching first paid campaigns next week.)

3. Our recent NPS score is 60, indicating a product market fit. 142 users out of 249 gave us 10 (on 1-10 scale of how likely are you to recommend CrazyLister to a friend)

This is with the MVP product, we are still missing fundamental features such the integration with eBay!

Overall, we have a lot of work to be done - but we have a very good understanding of the users needs, we are highly data driven and have strong indications that growth stage is around the corner. 

Updated stats

No' of upgrades (Every upgrade is paying $15 /month) 

No' of new registered users

AltaIR VC to join our journey

We're excited to announce we've signed a term sheet with our top pick investor - 
AltaIR VC! AltaIR brings as "smart" money as it gets, with wealth of experience and a broad highly relevant network for CrazyLister.

Europe's Top 1.5% Ecommerce Startup

The team did it's absolute best, kicked ass and..
Got selected for the "Top 10 Startups" (out of 700) to Participate in StartupBootcamp Amsterdam accelerator! (Europe's #1 accelerator 2014)

Main goals for the program - 
1. Set-up and execute our marketing strategy
2. Partner with eBay corporate (US)
3. Increase conversion from free to paid to 10%+

Interview with Victor Levitin ( CrazyLister Co-Founder )

Link to movie.

CrazyLister selected to StartupBootcamp accelerator

CrazyLister was selected for "Top 10 eCommerce Startups" (top 1.5% out of 700) to participate in the StartupBootcamp accelerator (Europe's #1 accelerator 2014).Quick stats about the program:· 85% being funded during the accelerator· Average funding $600K