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Spot.IM is a disruptive social engagement platform , that aims to make it possible to turn any site into a social network with two lines of code


Founded in 2012, by two experienced entrepreneurs  with previous exit of more than $120M .

Spot.IM is a disruptive social engagement platform that enables media companies such as AOL, Russia Today, News Corp, Huffington Post, Time inc, Advertising Age etc. to take back ownership of their audience and conversations and let go of their reliance on external social networks (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc)

Partnered with over 70% of US premium publishers. 

With a 180% increase in daily revenues (May to June)  and with on-boarding of average of 2.1 monetized (non-branded) sites each and every day , Spot IM is growing and developing at a dizzying pace.

It's an on-site community that provides publishers with social networks elements on their website. 

With Spot.IM, publishers can build an active and engaged community and have direct conversation with their customers. 

 The Product translated to 16 languages.


Nadav Shoval

Nadav Shoval

CEO and Co-founder
Nadav founded Spot.IM while in the Israeli Army, Spot.IM is Nadav’s 5th venture. Nadav founded several Internet companies and teenage web services and has been working on building start-ups since the age of 11.
Ishay Green

Ishay Green

CTO & R&D Manager
Ishay is the guiding superhero behind our development team, and top shelf entrepreneur who follows up two highly successful startups, Onigma acquired by McAfee in 2006, and Soluto acquired by Asurion for over $100 million dollars in 2013.
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How Key Influencers Can Positively Impact Your Website

What’s On Netflix Earns 2X More Revenue With Spot.IM Than Content Recommendation Widgets


Forbes Announces Second Annual Forbes Israel 30 Under 30 List, Highlighting the Accomplishments of 60 Game Changers from Across Israeli Society

Israel Developing Tools to Fight on Social Media Battlefront

Израильский стартап Spot.IM привлекает $13 млн

Spot.IM מגייסת 13 מיליון דולר כדי להציל את המו"לים מפייסבוק


I'm excited to let you know that Spot.IM is LIVE and an official partner of Google AMP!

Examples of sites (Time Inc.) Inc.) PLC) (USA Today) Post)

RussiaToday Starts Using Spot.IM

RussiaToday chooses Spot.IM as its future Community Management System.

Series B Closing

Spot.IM completes its Series B round, closing $13M in financing.

HuffingtonPost Successful test with Spot.IM

Spot.IM doubles HuffingtonPost IN comments in two weeks.

Hiring VP North America

Spot.IM hires Patrick Barch, Senior Digital Product Manager at Time Inc. as its VP North America.

Product Launch with Time Inc.

Spot.IM launches its Community System with the world's largest Entertainment website - "Entertainment Weekly" (by Time Inc.)