Cliently: follow-on round to scale successful sales in new customer segments
Cliently is a lead-generation & engagement platform. Cliently helps sales teams find leads from 150M+ prospects, and engage them with automated workflows
GuruShots reached impressive 9x annual growth and starts the follow-on round
GuruShots is a platform that borrows principles and mechanics from the virtual world of mobile games and applies them to the real world of photography. The result: exceptional monetization and rapid growth.
Squire - stable tenfold revenue growth
Simply and quickly makes the business of small barbershops transparent and effective at the $23B market. forecasted as the next unicorn in the AltaIR's portfolio
Disrupts the lottery industry, allowing customers to participate in global jackpots that are backed by an Insurance Linked Security structure
Adjesty – we expect two-fold increase of valuation in 6 months
Adjesty is a B2B SaaS for advertising, protecting publishers from bad ads.
GagBot: artificial intelligence in fun-tech for sale to a large player
Make funny memes from your photos using AI bot with a sense of humor
Spot.IM raising Series C round
Spot.IM is a disruptive social engagement platform, that aims to make it possible to turn any site into a social network with two lines of code
RealX is the UBER of real estate, cutting the traditional brokerage commissions by half
RealX introduces technologies and new business models, that will enable it to disrupt the real estate market, improve the experience, and cut the traditional brokerage commissions by half.
RealTimeBoard - Whiteboard that keeps everybody in your team on the same page
New funding round of Storyhunter: waiting for 4-fold company growth
Storyhunter is closing a new funding round while reaching 89% growth in gross profit.
Created for drivers by a driver, Mystro is an app that makes on-demand drivers more money by allowing them to safely and easily drive for multiple on-demand platforms and never miss a trip they want.
Autohub is a Marketplace for Car dealers to sell used cars directly to other car dealers online.
Bxblue Is the fast-growing marketplace for payroll-secured loans in Brazil. Backed by Y Combinator (Summer 2017)
RoutePerfect is an online trip-planning tool that helps you create your perfect multi-destination itinerary based on your own travel style, interests, time and budget.
CrazyLister: sales volume is growing by 15% per month over the past 18 months
CrazyLister automatically creates high-converting marketplace listings that optimize themselves to increase sales while eliminating any need for IT skills.
The Akita device was developed by HighIoT, a market-leading software company, specializing in the field of home security since 2016. Akita is an Instant Plug-in Privacy for the Connected Home.
KADO: waiting in mobile devices of major manufacturers
Kado is a global innovator of thin power conversion technologies
On-demand photographers for everyone
Shoptagr is an intelligent shopping assistant (browser extension and smartphone app) that allows you to save products you plan to buy from any store on the web to access later in one place across your devices
ModlI is a modest fashion marketplace connecting over a hundred boutiques to millions of customers who are seeking classy and professional fashion
ServX is a multi-brand, multi-vehicle platform that provides a one-stop solution for car services and repairs across New Delhi. It covers every vehicle-related service including emergency pick-ups, doorstep repairs, regular maintenance, servicing, insurance, etc.
Paragon One is a career coaching marketplace that matches college students with professionals, career coaches, and internships for foreign college students in the USA.
REZI is a leasing technology company that pays landlords upfront and at a discount for their lease, in exchange for the right to rent their property at market rate for a profit
AltaClub is an co-investment platform of AltaIR Capital designed to allow any accredited investor to join and co-invest in carefully selected early stage tech companies alongside AltaIR Capital
STYLEBEE is a curated marketplace that connects top beauty pros with people at the convenience of their location and schedule
Babator provides an artificial intelligence solution for video personalization that multiplies the viewer’s number of video views by personalizing the site's video assets.
B2B Sales and Marketing Intelligence
Rukkus is a next generation ticket marketplace with industry-first VR seat preview technology and seamless mobile ticketing. Rukkus procures inventory direct from industry wholesalers, granting customers access to every ticket on the secondary market at the best prices.
I-Dripper is producing a new and groundbreaking irrigation system. That understand the plant needs and irrigate each plant on demand.
Silicon Valley (California) company, incorporated in 2011, started Operations in late 2012, B2C solution in 2013, B2B in 2014, Ads model in 2015
B2C Marketing automation platform with more than 100 clients in the US and Russia including Papa John's, Volkswagen and Sephora.
Covercy is an innovative firm in the Financial industry, providing online foreign exchange solutions.
On Demand Dry-Cleaning & Laundry Delivery (formerly Preggie)
Mobile internet for moms worldwide
One stop wedding planner software
Axius (Techmate)
Y Combinator backed startup to provide amazing tech help for your Smart Home. Personalized and proactive support for all your internet connected devices through your Tech Concierge.
Book hotel suites online
Lawdingo gets Americans lawyers online. We facilitate legal advice for $50 / half hour, and all other legal services, typically at flat rates. Lawdingo has a network of thousands of attorneys who make themselves available on-demand at reduced rates.
Viisights provides the DEMAND side (Advertisers) and SUPPLY side (Publishers) solutions for monetizing digital video assets.
HiConversion - social ads management tool
Our technology allows you to reduce the value of clicks and conversion of social networking traffic 30-300% !
Twtrland helps you build your online presence.
Look After My Bills
Look After My Bills finds the best deals on the market to cut energy costs in UK.