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GuruShots™ is an online game for photo enthusiasts that is fun, social and educational


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GuruShots is a fun, highly addictive game with photos. Think “Instagram (photos) meets Candy Crush (casual game).”  

Users upload their photos, vote for their favorite photos and compete to receive peer votes and win achievements, all to try and capture the coveted title of ‘’Photography Guru.’’ 

GuruShots targets hundreds of millions of photo enthusiasts around the world. 

Founded in 2014, GuruShots has become one of the fastest growing platforms (desktop and mobile) for photo lovers online, with over 75M peer votes a month and is on a mission to become the world’s leading game with photos. 

Business plan and execution

  • Over1.3 trillion photos are expected to be taken in 2017 (InfoTrends)
  • Many people taking these photos are looking for something to do with their photos 
  • GuruShots provides these people with a great place to show off their photo-taking talent to the world
  • GuruShots uses a Free-to-play (F2P) model common in mobile games
  • Revenues are generated primarily from in-app purchases (IAPs) where users buy‘’Power-ups’’ – additional abilities in the game - as well as through brands who serve as sponsors and provide prizes and pay for sponsorship


Gilon Miller

Gilon Miller

Co-founder and CEO

Gilon Miller (CEO) draws on 17 years of experience with leading software and internet businesses in the US and Israel, including five startups. He holds an engineering degree and an MBA from MIT.

Eran Hazout

Eran Hazout

Cofounder and CTO

Eran Hazout has 13 years of experience in web technology and product development, and prior to GuruShots was the co-founder and COO of Alpha, one of Israel’s leading online dating sites.

Moolie Puterman

Moolie Puterman

Director of Product

Moolie Puterman has 7 years of experience in building products with large scale. Prior to GuruShots he was the product manager of the largest product at Matomy Media Group, a product that generated 50M Clicks per day and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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Gurushots הישראלית מגייסת חצי מליון דולר

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GuruShots is a Sleek Online Photo Contest with Real-Time Challenges