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Paragon One is a career coaching marketplace that matches college students with professionals, career coaches, and internships for foreign college students in the USA.


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PARAGON ONE is the Online College Career Service for foreign students in the USA. Their network of top industry professionals and career coaches will tailor and design the student career path, expand the network, increase job opportunities, and land the right American Job. Founded in Apr’ 2015.

PARAGON ONE works with the student 1-1 to create a customized career development plan focused on his unique goals.

They quickly respond to all the questions about career options and when the student is ready introduce to companies in their partner network for internships and full-time jobs.

Before the student completes interviews, PARAGON ONE work with him to build confidence through mock interviews and introduce to professionals in his chosen career path.


Job Training & Career Counseling in the US is $14B market (most of it is government subsidized). 

6M new students join colleges every year, from which 2M - not on financial aid.

$15B market opportunity (=$7.5k*2M).

5% of all students are foreigners.


Matt Wilkerson

Matt Wilkerson

Co-Founder & CEO

Byron Hsu

Byron Hsu

Co-Founder & CTO

Huixian Ye

Huixian Ye

VP of Business Development

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