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Covercy is an innovative firm in the Financial industry, providing online foreign exchange solutions.


  • $1,900,000 GOAL
  • 60% Complete
  • 100% Funded


Our powerful technology makes it simple for everyone to go online and receive low currency exchange rates and benefit by saving money for their business. Established and managed by financial technology experts, Covercy operates an easy online solution that does not require previous experience in order to properly manage your foreign currencies. Behind the scenes we execute efficient spot foreign exchange and FX forward transactions for delivery on your behalf.

In Covercy, we believe that ordinary people and businesses should have access to the same great exchange rates normally reserved only for large institutions who usually deal in millions. Our vision is that currency exchange should be simple, fast, and above all accessible & cheap. Our Goal is to empower people like you to exchange currencies online at present time and in the future exactly the way you want - at minimum cost and maximum gain.

We developed and keep on developing an online solution that does not require previous experience in order to start saving your business money. We are constantly upgrading our systems based on your feedback in order to provide you with the best possible solution.


Doron Cohen

Doron Cohen


Doron is charged with forming Covercy’s strategy, steering day to day operations and managing investor relations. Doron has an extensive background in FinTech (financial technology). His entrepreneurial drive helped build Leverate, a leading provider of software and financial solutions to online forex brokerages, where he was a Co-founder, Co-CEO and now Chairman.

Errol Rudnick

Errol Rudnick

MD – Covercy Europe Limited

Errol heads Covercy’s European operations, which are headquartered in London. He is responsible to manage our financial risk management policy and maintain our UK regulated Authorized Payment Institution status, which allows us to operate across the EU. Errol served for over 30 years in multiple CEO and CIO positions in regulated hedge funds and asset management firms in both the UK and the USA.

Moran David

Moran David


Moran serves as the group's CFO. Under her leadership, the Finance department provides an accurate and timely picture of the company’s performance. Moran has served in CFO positions in leading financial services companies prior to Covercy and brings rich, solid experience in her fields of expertise.

Boaz Zaionce

Boaz Zaionce


Boaz devotes his efforts to marketing, public relations and steering operations. Boaz began his career working in consulting before shifting to online marketing, where he headed Online Advertisement at, one of the leading global website building platforms. Boaz is an expert in search optimization, online advertising and social media.

Gonen Tiberg

Gonen Tiberg


Gonen is in charge of Covercy’s innovation. He heads Product and R&D departments, and constantly refining our customer experience in the World’s Simplest Cross Border Transfer Solution. Gonen is an entrepreneur at heart, he was a Co-founder and CTO at, the first kid-safe talent network. He has been coding since he can remember and gained expertise in product management and development.

Eldad Perry

Eldad Perry

VP Customer Relations

Eldad has more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer relations, working with a variety of communities, small and large entities and non-profitable organizations. At Covercy we champion customer services and Eldad is responsible to ensure that each of our clients is 100% satisfied, before, during and after any transaction. Prior to Covercy, Eldad headed a leading U.S. marketing franchise agency connecting local businesses and communities.

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Израильский стартап Covercy привлекает $1,5 млн

Израильская стартап-компания Covercy объявила о привлечении $1,5 млн в посевном раунде финансирования.

IT business week

Covercy Closes $1.5 Million Seed Round, Led by Leverate Founder Doron Cohen

Within the record year of venture investments in the fintech sector in 2015, currency exchange payment transfer firms made up a large part of the deals that were closed. Leading the way were investments in TransferWise, CurrencyCloud, and Kantox. Continuing that momentum is news that Israeli currency exchange startup, Covercy, has closed a $1.5 million funding round in a deal led by SGVC.

Finance magnates

העברת כספים שקופה וזולה יותר מהבנקים: Covercy מגייסת מיליון וחצי דולר

החברה מציעה חלופה זולה ושקופה יותר לעמלות העברת הכספים של הבנקים; הסוד: חשבונות בנקים מקומיים בכל מדינה ו-Forex


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